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MagnaClean Filters

Power Flushing Essex use MagnaClean equipment for power flushing domestic central heating systems. MagnaClean have developed a high efficiency, full-flow, magnetic filter designed to make all central heating systems more efficient by removing nearly all of the suspended black iron oxide.

The MagnaClean Power Flushing filter has been specially designed and developed for central heating professionals to ensure the most effective cleansing and maintenance of all types of central heating systems.

Unfortunately, it has taken the heating and plumbing industry a long time to recognise the benefits and full potential that power-flushing can have on ageing central heating systems that may be full of sludge. Power flushing can be very effective and save homeowners a lot of money over time by restoring water circulation and improving system efficiency.

We use the MagnaClean Power Flushing Filter for immediate benefits to our customers:

  • Removes nearly all the black iron oxide contamination from the water
  • Prevents sludge re-entering the system
  • Environmentally friendly and can save you money 

Magnaclean means prevention is ceatainly better than the cure -

If you are a homeowner and want your heating working best at all times it is advisable to have a Magnaclean filter fitted before any problems arise. Cold radiators or pump issues and the ccumulation of sludge can be avoided. The MagnaClean filter will get rid of black sludge deposits faster than newdeposits can build up. This means your heating system is unlikely to reach a critical level where breakdowns may happe. The MagnaClean filter will slow down the main cause of a heating system deteriorating helping to make it last a lot longer.

Make sure you get a MagnaClean filter fitted -
As well as the usual problems of breakdowns and paying excessive heating charges because of sludge build up, insurance policies do not cover these areas as they are too common. This is an essential reason why a MagnaClean filter should be fitted to alll central heating systems after power flushing.