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Welcome to Power Flushing Chelmsford. We are the leading experts for power flushing in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas. Our team are one of the most qualified and experienced for the entire industry. We want to make sure that you receive the very best service, that is why each plumber and engineer are trained and certified. We ensure that all of our members are trained to the highest level and are fully insured.

Here at Power Flushing Essex we have quickly become one of the most trusted teams for professionals, using the latest and best technology to provide you with a high quality service. Customers who have hired our services and improved the efficiency of their central heating systems have benefited from a reduction in their heating bills, this means power flushing is an investment that you will see your money back on.

What is Power Flushing Chelmsford?

Choosing to power flush Chelmsford your central heating systems is one of the most effective ways of improving the efficiency. This is done through pumping water with a mix of cleaning chemical at a very high pressure throughout the system, clearing and dislodging any build of debris and allowing for the radiator to heat efficiently.  We use a power flushing Chelmsford system called Jetflush Sentinel 4, one of the most efficient on the market, that can power flush your entire system within the day.

Knowing When To Power Flush Chelmsford

Knowing when your system needs to be power flush Chelmsford can be difficult as every system is different but there are signs you can check for. One of these way is checking the bottom of the radiator and seeing if there are any cold spots, this can be caused through a build up of sludge and debris that is blocked the heat from traveling through. A visual way to check is while bleeding your radiators if you spot dirty black or brown water leaking from the valves.

If you are interested in our Power Flushing Chelmsford services or would just like to learn a little bit more please call us on 07726 279 849 or 0800 695 7701.



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