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As your boiler and central heating system ages, it is often unavoidable that rust and debris will build up within the radiators and pipes. This can result in extensive damages and repair costs if left. We are here to help with this problem with our power flushing Harlow. A power flush aims to clear and flush a system of all harmful deposits, leaving you with a much more efficient and reliable system.

What is Power Flushing Harlow?

Power flushing Harlow is a method of cleaning and maintaining central heating systems. This cleaning process removes sludge and debris that has built up inside your heating system. A power flush Harlow is the ideal solution for anyone experiencing problems with their heating or along side new boiler installations to ensure the maximum efficiency levels can be achieved.

The process involves pumping water and chemicals through the entire system at high velocity but low pressure. This is done to dislodge and blockages without causing any damage to the system.

Knowing When To Power Flush Harlow

There are certain key factors to look out for that could suggest your central heating system needs a power flush Harlow. If you have noticed cold areas on your radiators (usually at the bottom), the system is slow to warm up, the boiler makes excessive noise, the heating is inconsistent and does not reach temperature or radiators are cold but the pipes are hot, it is highly recommended to get the system power flushed Harlow.

After a power flush Harlow, you can benefit from increased efficiency, a longer lifespan of the system and reduced energy costs.

If you are unsure whether your system needs a power flush Harlow, give us a call. We can offer advice, support and arrange an inspection if needed.

If you are interested in our Power Flushing Harlow or would just like to learn a little bit more please call us on 07726 279 849 or 0800 695 7701.



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