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When to Power Flush?

Power Flushing in Essex

We often get asked by homeowners throughout Essex when is the best time to power flush their central heating systems.
There is no straightforward answer as all central heating systems are different and we often will power flush brand new systems as well as older ones. However, there are certain signs to look out for and we have a listed a few of those below:

Signs your system could benefit from a power flush...

Cold areas at the bottom of radiators due to build up of sludge

Dirty black or brown water during bleeding of radiators indicates system corrosion

Cold radiators as a result of blocked valves and pipes

Noisy boiler caused by build up of sludge or limescale

Very little or no hot water because of blocked pipes

Inefficient boiler circulation due to blocked pump

Cold areas at top of radiators due to gas build up, caused by rusting



If you live in Essex and your central heating system is showing symptoms that may be rectified by power flushing, please ask us for a FREE quote by calling 0800 695 7701 or 07726 279849.

We would also recommend a power flush for a new heating system priot to fitting a new boiler to prevent problems in future. We often find that many recently installed systems have areas of corrosion and a fair amount of sludge, even if no flow problems have yet to manifest themselves.

Although the build up of sludge and other corrosive deposits in hot water central heating systems is inevitable over time, a power flush can make a massive difference to the efficiency of the system. Our customers often notice a significant reduction in their heating bills after a total power flush of their heating systems

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